01What are the main features of izziHr ?+

izziHr management platform embraces the new world of work. Whether your teams are working onsite, remotely, or hybrid, iziHr enables you to seamlessly develop, and retain talent, ensure employee wellbeing, promote engagement and build a remote culture. izziHr is providing two-way communication and enables you to quickly adapt to change.

02What does izziHr do?+

izziHr management platform helps modern and dynamic companies bring out the best in their employees. The role of HR has grown beyond the traditional roll of managing human capital. HR teams are now invested in building a company culture that engages and retains employees while cultivating an empowering and pleasant place of work.

With izziHr you can create fully customizable workflows that save time and increase accuracy. izziHr also helps to build company culture, encouraging collaboration and engagement among your global teams.

03Does izziHR have performance reviews?+

Absolutely. izziHr Performance Management is an add-on feature that cuts to the heart of effective performance management, using peer feedback, goal tracking, and shorter, more frequent appraisals to encourage action and eliminate the stress of traditional performance reviews.

04How does izziHR help me go paperless?+

izziHR helps you get rid of paperwork with digital prebuild in packets, e-signatures, digital forms, cloud storage, and more!

05How does izziHR bill you?+

There are no binding agreements but the billing is do at the beginning of the month. Your invoice depends on the time that you are using our platform and the chosen options.

06What is the setup process like? +

We provide an onsite simple implementation process to get you up and running smoothly on our izziHr platform where after that we are at your disposal for additional clarifications.