Tracking and monitoring time is an important part of managing your labor costs. As you grow, this can become more challenging. With izziHR, managing and improving your time and attendance process just got easier.

With employee time tracking and payroll reporting from ADP, you can see when people are approaching overtime and visualize the true costs of labor — including temporary staff — and adjust hours as necessary.
Card-less automated time tracking

Our time and attendance software also offers features to help prevent employees from abusing the system and costing you money. For example, it stop people from clocking in and out on behalf of others – also known as “buddy punching.”

Our software ensures that those who are using our mobile app when they are within a certain distance of your physical work location not necessary can be one , the software will precisely times tamp their “clocking”.

Our automated time attendance software is going to reduce manual and often error-prone data entry and can help you to:
  • Increase productivity by ensuring the right people are where you need them every day
  • Track time simply by enabling employees to use app on their phone
  • Create, publish and manage schedules on line
  • Handle time-off requests, approvals and vacations
Hours saved per month
Fewer human errors
Time saved on manual processes
Mobile app

We offer excellent cutting-edge mobile izziHr application that allow access to your personal data with a user-friendly interface. Effortlessly will navigate you through detailed display of critical information and providing you with real-time insights into your work data.

It generates comprehensive reports at the touch of a button, empowering you to make informed decisions on the fly.

We offer prebuilt forms, streamline the administrative tasks, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in every Hr process. Elevate your Hr experience with our mobile app – where simplicity meets sophistication.

The best part of using izziHr app is that:
  • data flows automatically between Hr, payroll and employee
  • employees have only one username and password to remember even that is on auto save
  • time, pay, benefits and other information can be accessed from your own phone
Improve supervisor productivity with a modern manager dashboard

IzziHr is one of the easiest to use HR platforms by administrators and employees alike. Where from one convenient place thru the friendly and modern easy to use interface who includes all of the following and more you can quickly:
  • See who’s on the job or if anyone was late or absent
  • Access schedules to stay on top of staffing
  • Stay aware of the notifications and approvals
  • Monitor hours worked and overtime to help control costs
  • Automatically generated monthly reports to avoid payroll delays
  • Quickly navigate to other tools, run reports and more to save time and maximize efficiency

With dynamic dashboards, your Hr specialists can focus on time-to-hire data, while your managers might focus on employees who have gone the longest without a pay raise, and the executives can easily monitor every aspect of the company’s growth. Never lose sight of the data you and your leadership need to make strategic, impactful decisions.
~4 hr
Improved scheduling efficency
Reduced overtime costs
Faster team scheduling
Reports Reports Reports

Without analytics software, HR professionals spend an estimated average of two days per week creating reports. That is a lot of valuable time going to waste—but we can help you win it back. With izziHR, it only takes a few minutes to generate insightful, easy-to-read reports for workforce planning, employee turnover, and more, whenever you need them. What’s more, the reports you use most are automatically saved in your easy to use dashboard and saving you even more time. The only question is, how are you going to spend your two days now?

izziHR Essentials package includes a library of useful reports built into the software, from headcount to approval processes and workforce metrics.

However, with the Advantage package, you can go beyond the basics, creating your own templates and generating custom reports for any information you have in the system—including custom fields. This means you can take a deeper dive into your HR data and make data-driven decisions tailored for your organization.

With our izziHr reporting system, you can make more strategic and proactive decisions.
Manage compliance with wage and hour regulations

Do not leave the accuracy and reliability of your company payroll to chance. The izziHr complete “punch-to-paycheck” experience delivers fast, easy time tracking, scheduling and attendance management. Using it, you can instantly calculate hourly totals based on your payroll policies, including overtime, and avoid costly mistakes.

The system automatically calculates the totals and sends them to payroll, leaving you and your managers with little to do but monitor for exceptions, like missed punches, and make the necessary corrections.

Time data flows directly to payroll to avoid manual, and potentially error-prone, data entry. Because of not having to go through every timecard, you have more time to spend improving business operations and supporting customers.

48% less payroll errors
Higher time-to-productivite rates
Increase in new employee retention
Increase in employee engagement
All request forms preset and waiting on your electronic signature

Flight deals and flu season can strike without warning, making a lengthy time-off request and approval process painful for everyone involved.

That’s why we made time off management a top priority when developing our mobile izziHR app. Employees can request time off with a few clicks and managers can approve it in a matter of seconds, right on their phones. Time off has never been so easy to take—or for you to keep track of.

One of the best ways to improve your employee experience is by incorporating user-friendly technology into your workplace. From acknowledging new office, policies to confirming your people are aware of updates to the employee handbook, e-signatures in the izziHr mobile app make it easy for employees to sign documents. Not only are electronic signatures great for the employee experience, but they also reduce turnaround times, save paper, and help you stay compliant.
Build a business without boundaries

Give your employees and supervisors the ability to complete time-sensitive tasks quickly, easily and in a way that works best for them. In izziHr time and attendance solutions, there is a built in self-service option so everyone can complete their tasks from any location.

Our tools simplify time tracking, so employee hours recorded accurately even on remote locations, simply your manager’s needs to approve them easily with one click.

Everything is integrated with IzziHr to save you time and help you stay compliant. It synchronizes employee hours no matter where they are entered.
Higher productivity
Higher employee engagement
Higher employee retention
Good Communication is the Foundation for Success

We are helping your people grow with performance review templates and goal tracking. Gather feedback with engagement surveys, and never miss a key moment with reminders for anniversaries and birthdays (we do not offer cake, but we will remind you).

We are also providing you:
  • Keep your team informed in real-time on one easy to use app
  • Connect your workforce with relevant company updates
  • Let employees share insights & best practices from the field
  • Encourage open communication, within your company, to identify and solve potential issues
Improved decision-making

When HR professionals are not spending lots of time on administrative tasks and can trust that day-to-day benefits, payroll and personnel administration are accurate, they can focus on improving the overall employee experience. If the benefits administrator is not mired in trying to ensure compliance and providing reporting, he/she can look for new ways to educate and engage the workforce on the benefits available to them—thereby raising morale and aiding in retention.

Our izzHr software is going to make you find, analyses and report on the people data that matters the most enabling you and the managers to make more smarter and timely decisions.
Increase in productivity
Better engagement rates
Lower turnover rates