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"Trust, Honesty and Hr Excellence"

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Modern attendance system.

Our tools simplify time tracking, so employee hours are recorded accurately, managers approve them easily and payroll is prepared automatically (Goodbye manual data entry.) Everything is integrated with IzziHr to save you time and help you stay compliant. It also synchronizes employee hours no matter where they are entered.

Keep your team happy, motivated, and on track.

Help your people grow with performance review templates and goal tracking. Gather feedback with engagement surveys, and never miss a key moment with reminders for anniversaries and birthdays (we don’t offer cake, but we strongly recommend it).

Grow a business without a limitation

We know that operating a business can be a demanding endeavor, often intertwined with challenges. That is why we developed izziHr - a platform designed to empower businesses to effortlessly orchestrate, communicate, and educate their workforces, regardless of their location.

Access you data from anywhere.


  • High-end analysis of your employee and their time management.
  • 1. Digitally card less attendance system
  • 2. Mobile application
  • 3. Dynamic reporting dashboard
  • 4. Approval of absence
  • 5. Monthly attendance report generated automatically
  • 6. Standard reports and statistical analytics
  • 7. E-mail support
  • Impeccable digitalization of your HR processes.
  • Includes Essential +
  • 1. Upgraded custom reports with advanced features
  • 2. Advanced digital card less attendance system
  • 3. Top-tier capital insights
  • 4. E-signatures and document signing
  • 5. Sharing reports
  • 6. Phone support
  • Personalized to your company's unique requirements.
  • Includes Professional +
  • 1. High-level enhanced personalized reporting
  • 2. Custom-tailored software solutions
  • 3. Document upload and sharing
  • 4. Internal employee surveys
  • 5. Scheduling activities
  • 6. 24/7 support

Why IzziHR?

We deliver Actively Engaged and Motivated Team